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[1] Single and Multiple Moulds
Rice Cake Machines


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Small production
Medium production
Standard production
Big production
GMG M9-M12
Rice Cake machine GMG M1 Rice Cake machine GMG M4 Rice Cake machine GMG M6 Rice Cake machine GMG M9

1 mould 90 mm diam.
Capacity: 360 cakes/h
2 moulds 90 mm diam.
Capacity: 720 cakes/h

4 moulds 90 mm diam.
Capacity: 1440 cakes/h

6 moulds 90 mm diam.
Capacity: 2160 cakes/h

9 or 12 moulds 90 mm diam.
Capacity: from 3200 cakes/h

6 moulds 45 mm diam.
Capacity: 2160 cakes/h

3 moulds 100 mm diam.
Capacity: 1080 cakes/h

28 moulds 45 mm diam.
Capacity: 8000 cakes/h

6 moulds 100 mm diam.
Capacity: 2160 cakes/h

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Example of moulds for GMG M6:

GMG Rice Cake moulds

Raw material that can be used:

Cereal grains or pellets from cereals: rice, corn, wheat, and also rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, etc...


Raw rice or rice mixed with other cereals are put in the hopper on top of the machine. Starting from this point the machine is automatic and cake production begins. If necessary rice is humidified beforehand, by adding little quantity of water.

Complete Rice Cake production lines:

    We are able to supply-install-servicing full integrated rice cake production lines including:

  • Cereal Mixer with Humidification System
  • Automatic System to convey the raw material to the Hoppers on top of the machines
  • Automatic Stacker (made by vibrating channels that do not damage or break the rice cakes) and Feeding System to the Packaging Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Spraying and Drying Equipment for cake coating/aromatization
  • Chocolate Enrober

Rice Cake production line

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Ipack Ima 2018 GMG rice cake machines